Sunday, October 21, 2007


Hello Ladies,

I had so many questions to about my lastest swap. I will try to answer all.

1. No you don't have to be a SU Demo to join.

you do need to use current SU stamps and do quality work.

when I said hostess gift I just probably should have said 3-D gift. I am looking for something you would like to recieve or send as a gift to other lady stampers. Picture frames, Note pads and pen sets, candles sets, decorative stuffed cans, etc. Below are some ideas of stuff I have done in the past as gifts. You can also go to SCS

and see many fine ideas...

Hope this helps and you decide to join.

If you want to join or have questions, please e-mail me directly and not through my blog, cause not all comments have your e-mail attached to it so I can respond.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wedding 6x6 Swap

Helow Ladies,
below are the pics from my wedding swap.. I love the colors and such.. Hope you enjoy too...
thanks to all the ladies that helped me with my swap... Deb

Wedding 6X6 Book Swap

Monday, October 15, 2007

New Swap Hostess Gift Swap

Ladies I am hosting a new swap. Its for hostess gifts(or just gift ideas to make others).
Here are the details, if you are interested in joining. Please e-mail me directly to join. one of my older posts you will see where I was in Liz's hostess swap and it was really great!! Let me know if you want to join. Hope you do. thanks for everything. Deb

Details for my Swap:
Hello Ladies! I'm hosting a Hostess gift swap. Get the juices flowing and join in...get some great ideas and or gifts for your hostesses! Mine love getting these handmade treats and a new idea for how to use their stamp sets!

Guidelines: Only Current SU Products stamps, inks, papers and accessories Items themselves may be tins, boxes, etc...from other vendors UNLESS SU sells the item

Sign up by Oct 24th

Postmark by Nov 8th

Remail by Nov 20th

Items will be mailed back in a priority flat rate box. send 8.95 stamp for it or cash, (no checks please). That way if someone has something heavier, that will cover the cost...

Quantity 5 +1 -- I wanted to make this a small quantity since gifts can get complicated and costly .You will not get your own back.

I will open more groups as necessary

I also require you to put a recipe that includes the dimenions and or patterns and list any items purchased elsewhere and where you purchased them so that folks can truly replicate them

Please contact me and let me know you want to join.I will send my address when you confirm that you are joining my swap...

Please ask questions if you need to...
I can't wait to see what you all come up with!

Birthday 6x6 Swaps

Hello Ladies,
Im back. Ive had quite a lot of things going on and almost even left SU and sold all my stuff but slowly but surely Im coming back. Below is the slide show to one one of my latested swaps.
Hope you enjoy all the pics that such lovely ladies from all over the US did.
If you want to see them slower, just click on one pic and then you can view them all slower..
Hope you like. To the ladies who joined my swap. Thank you so very much.

Birthday Swap 6x6 Pages