Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"I wanna Easter Egg, I wanna Easter Egg"

I wanna Easter Egg. That is one of my favorite quotes from Bugs Bunny. I don't really remember the whole cartoon, except Bugs ends up with this little bratty kid and that is all the kid can

I did theseEaster baskets for my Easter Cards, I haven't made the cards yet, but I knew I wanted to use an Easter Basket on them. Ive seen so many ladies making these baskets, I just had to make one too...

I will show you the card when I am done....



Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Spark People

I am going to share one of the facts I am going to put on my idea cards for my swap.
If you are looking to lose weight and get healthier, then you need to check out this site it's FREE and its GREAT. So much information.
Now an extra bonus, they have a "Splitcoast Stampers Sparkle" team. If you decide to join, check out that group as well, if you decide to join, please say Hi to me and tell me you saw this on my blog.

Basket I did

Here is a basket I did for Curves. I used the Petals & Paisley Paper.
Stamp sets: Polka Dots & Paisleys, Looks like spring. Spring Bouquet Flower Punch.

I recently joined Curves and trying to get fit. I am in the process of doing a swap for that.
Its a recipe swap, there seems to be some confusion about my swap.
You dont need to have any special stamps......
here are some recipes that I think look great.....
check out SCS for more and let me know what you think.....
Below are some of the details of my swap after the links.

love this one.....

here are a few more...

size is card front size recipe card...
count is 10+2 I am going to use them at the local Curves...
Pleasee put your e-mail on the back so I know who's card it is, but you dont need to attach that, just properly label so I can make sure who wins....
even a post-it attached would help....

Postmark is April 13th (yes that is a Friday).

If you would like to join, please contact me and I will send you the full details.
I have two groups:
1. Recipe of your favorite get fit and healthy recipe
2. Ideas & Things that helped You
This group is any ideas or things that you found helped you to reach your goal. You can put as many things on the card you can fit and care to share with others. Things like what helped you or not, websites, TV programs, etc.

I really need more ladies for the second group, Hope you can sign up.
Remember, I am having your cards judged and the winner will win the gift set below..
Hope to hear from you soon.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Glass Block

Hello Ladies,

Here are the directions for a glass block I did for Valentines Day. I did many for Christmas but didn't take any pictures of them(wish I had).

Here are the directions, Hope you do one soon, love to see it.

I used Pittsburgh Corning Glass Blocks (8"x8"x3") from Lowes. Drilled a hole with the drill press using a Diamond Rimmed Core Bit. The drilling took about 1 minute per block. Used one hand to spray the water and the other to pull down the press. I used my Parents drill press in NJ and prefer to use that, but I have used a hand drill. Hand drill takes longer, and uses two people to do it.
After cleaning and drying the blocks...
1. Cut the paper you want to use to 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" . Decorate how you want to.
2. Cut a piece of O'So Sticky Tape to 6" x 6".
3. Use a small amount of hermafix, or mono, or double sided tape to center the paper on the glass block.
4. Peel a little of the back down of O'So Sticky Tape and put it 1/4" over the top of the paper. Press down firmly. Pull the rest of the back of O'So sticky tape down a little at a time, pressing down as you go, until the paper is completely covered.
5. Roll brayer over the top to make sure the O'So Sticky Tape is secured around all edges.
6. Peel off the top of the O'So Sticky Tape.
7. Pour clear microbeads all over the O'So Sticky Tape.
8. Roll brayer over the top to really seat the beads. Gently brush off extra beads.
9. Put lights into the block, leaving the plug end hanging out. Put a small piece of O'So Sticky Tape on the cord to attach it to the block. Don't peel off red liner. (I used a 50 light string set.)
10. Wrap ribbon around block and secure on top with hot glue or more O'So Sticky Tape.
11. Cut a length of ribbon to make the bow. Hot glue finished bow on top of block.

I got the sticky tape from and I also got my microbeads from there. They have colored one and different size ones.
Have a lovely day,

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Faux Postage Card

Hello Ladies,

I was playing around making some cards and came up with this one.The background postage is an actual stamp. It is made by a company called "Just for Fun".
Stamps used are Bundle of Joy, Polka Dots & Paisley, and Fancy Flexible Phrases.
Have a nice day,

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hostess Swap I was in

Hello Ladies,

Recently I joined a Hostess Swap. Liz in MD was the hostess. I got back lots of nice stuff. The above picture is what I recieved back.

What I did for the swap was got a pocket calendar book and decorated it for the swap. I got the pocket calendars at Wal-mart for .97 each. I also created a calendar book mark.
Day Planner: Used sage shadow, pale plum and vanilla card stock. Stamps I used Floral background, heartfelt thanks.I used the SU Markers to color the flowers.
Bookmark: I used Roses in Winter stamp set. Colors of ink Rose red & regal rose. Always artichoke & mellow moss.

I got the calendar template from this link

If you decide to make a calendar and use one of the templates from the above link, I would love to see it, please e-mail me a picture at I love to see what my work and things I share with other inspires them to do..
Thanks Liz for hosting this swap again and to all the ladies that joined..
The frist picture is of what other ladies did, I just put the wrong watermark in it and can not change it without deleting this whole post. All the Stamps used in all projects are Stampin Up.
The two smaller pics are things that I did. I just wanted to clear that up before I upset anyone.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Welcome Name Frame

Hello Ladies,

Here is another Name Frame. I really enjoy making these. They make great gifts and are inexpensive. I will post the stamps I used later, I do not have my book right now.

Have a lovely weekend

Thanks for looking,


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Creating a Banner for your Blog

Hello Ladies,

I was going to try to post on here how to create a banner, but I am having problems showing the code to do so, If you are interested, I do not know much, but what I do know I will share.
It does take a little work, and I really can't answer many questions about it.
If you are interested I can forward you the directions. .
I love all the lovely banners out there, but I just can not justify paying $20-30 of my stamping money to pay for one.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Win this Gift Set, Join my "Let's Get Fit Together Swap"

Here is a gift set that I have been working on.
Gift box, Nugget Box, Smalll Compostion Book, Post-It Note Holders, Pen, Handle Bag, Gift Card Holder, and Candle

I will be awarding this gift set to the winner of the best design for my latest swap. The judging will be done by some lady friends of mine.
I am doing a “Lets get Fit Together Swap”. If you want more details on the swap, please contact me and I will send them to you.

I created this gift set using Delight in Life & Just Delightful Simply Scrappin’ SAB Sets. Also used the Lexicon of Love Set.
Colors are Certainly Celery, Apricot Appeal, and Pumpkin Pie.

The directions for these items I have collected from all over.
But if you go to SCS you can do a search and find most of the items there.

Hope you enjoy what I’ve done.
PS Ladies if you want more info on this swap please contact me by e-mailing me, if you send me a comment, I can not reply to them. e-mail is love to have you join my swap.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sweet Treats Pin

Hello Ladies,

I just finished this pin. I got the pin at Michaels. I used Shrinky dink white paper. I used staz-on ink and then colored with watercolor wonder crayons. The Stampin Up set is the retired set Sweet Treats. I love this set, shame it's retired. I will probably be making more of these sets. I played some with Summer Sizzle set, but didn't make the wholes big enough for pins, so I will probably just be putting them on cards. I hope you enjoy


Monday, March 19, 2007

Going to Regionals in Virginia Beach

Hello Ladies,

sorry I haven't posted in a few days but I've been working on my swaps for Regionals. I will going on Saturday. Hope to see you there.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Lets Get Fit Together Swap

I just joined Curves and looking to get fit and lose some weight.
This swap is to help others do the same. I recently posted on some yahoo groups, that I was looking for ideas for ladies trying to lose weight. I meant craft things to make, but I didn’t get my point across and instead, I got ladies sharing their personal secrets on what helped them to lose some weight, which leads me to this Swap. I got a lot of great ideas from ladies and figured this would be a great thing to do and make a swap out of.

This swap will have two different groups:

1. Recipes
This group is for your favorite diet recipe.
This can also be taking a great recipe and showing how to
Alter it to make it healthier.

2. Ideas & Things that helped You
This group is any ideas or things that you found helped you to reach your goal. You can put as many things on the card you can fit and care to share with others. Things like what helped you or not, websites, TV programs, etc.

This swap is a 10+2(yes 2) I will be doing a drawing for this set at my local Curves to motivate other ladies.

I will also have a group of ladies judge your work and will award the best card a Gift Set. This is a gift set that I’ve
made. It will include a Gift box (to hold your cards), a nugget box (sugar-free or low calorie nuggets), post-it note holder, mini composition book, a pen, and a candle. There is a picture of the gift set on my blog (minus the candle and pen)I gave them away to a friend who wanted them, so I have to make those two things again.

Count: 10+2(12 total)
Size: Card Front size, you can print either way, long ways or short ways.
Recipes: YES!! But do not attach them!! Make sure you have your e-mail address on them (that is how I will tell you that you won).
Current SU Products: If SU doesn’t have it, you can use it from other sources, like, paperclips, and such.
Printing: You can handwrite your stuff on your card, if you have good handwriting (remember these will be judged). Or you can print them on the printer. If you do not have the font disc, I will not hold you to that. You can use any font, to print your card.

Mailing: NO RETURN METERED STRIPS. My PO will not take them, If you want returned priority, I will provide the box, just make sure you have the return postage.
Whatever the package costs for you to send to me, make sure you have that much plus two extra stamps incase I need them(I will return them if not used)

Any questions please feel free to e-mail me or to sign up for this swap. Let me know which group you want to do

Sign Up by March 29th, and to be postmarked by April 2nd. I will be swapping out April 10th and announcing the winner on that day too.
Here is a website, that one lady told me about, if you decide to subscribe, please list me as the one who told you about it...
I used the e-mail address to sign up...
thanks and hope you decide to join my swap

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New Name Frames, esp for Sports Fans

My hubby is a big sports fan. He loves the Dallas Cowboy's. My Son loves Ohio State and my Niece goes to College in Virginia. I did them frames for their favorite schools and sports.

The stamping is Stampin Up alphabets, but the rest are things I bought from local stamp stores.

These make great gifts for the student in college or the boy who has a favorite team.

New Round Punch Tab Idea

Hello Ladies,

I cased this card from Cambria T. I am going to use this card as part of my swap cards when I go to Virginia Beach Regionals in April. I will be going Saturday.

Stamp set: Polka, Dots & Paisley

Paper: Petals & Paisley, Olive, Tempting Turquoise.

misc: I used a scallop scissors

Hope you like.


Saturday, March 10, 2007

3 Different Cards Using the "Along the Same Lines"

Here are 3 cards I did with the similar design and sets.I did two with silver and black, and the third with silver and blue.The backgrounds embossed. The stamp set used in all three cards are Along the Same Lines(it was a hostess set 2005-2006).Background stamps are: Happy Birthday Greetings, Floral, and Lots of Hearts Wheel. Sentiment stamp: All-Year Cheer III. These were easy cards to make, and very elegant looking. Have a Nice Weekend Ladies.

Friday, March 9, 2007

100 Ways to Grow Your Business

Hello Ladies, I got this a while ago and don't remember where. I just felt this might have some of you with your business. I printed out the list and look over it often, I also keep a copy of it in my purse and take it out and read it when I have a spare moment, it helps me to remember and refresh my memory. Hope this can help you too...

100 Ways to grow your Business
Plant the seeds of Success

1. Stamp EVERYTHING that goes out of your house
2. Talk about stamping every chance you get
3. Have your name and number on everything
4. Make your first impression count
5. Stamp on a basket or purse
6. Wear a logo T-Shirt
7. Carry a logo key chain
8. Make a key chain with mini samples
9. Plantable cards: Give out seed packets with your information
10. Make cocoa or tea cello bags with toppers
11. Put your name-and-number sticker on pens
12. Stamp your checks
13. Stamp checkbook cover
14. Stamp door hangers & hang them around the neighborhood
15. Sign up to teach community stamp classes
16. Rent a booth at a craft fair
17. Hand out bookmarks & flyers
18. Advertise in the classified
19. Rent a clubhouse and advertise a free stamp class
20. Have an open house - invite everyone you have ever met
21. Put flyers on bulletin boards around town
22. Program your answering machine to say, "Hi, you've reached ____________, a
Stampin' Up! Demonstrator
23. Stamp a shirt for every day of the week
24. Buy business cards in groups of 1000 -throw a party when you have given them all
25. Always have a business card
26. Leave a card when you give a tip
27. Leave a card when you check in at the doctor's office
28. Anytime anyone notices your stamping, give him or her a card
29. Always have a recruit pack
30. Always have a catalog with you
31. Tell new people you meet about your neat job
32. Wear an "Ask me about Stampin' Up! " pin
33. Volunteer to help stamp cards for Teacher's Appreciation Day at school
34. Volunteer to teach kids how to stamp for art classes
35. Stamp Halloween bags
36. Stamp and fill cello bags
37. Stamp in the playland at McDonald's
38. Stamp at the park
39. Stamp at the pool
40. If you are stamping in public and people show interest, hand them a stamp, scissors &
41. Stamp kid's folders, book covers & notebooks
42. Give stamps as presents for both young & old
43. Give Great Customer Service!
44. Satisfied customers = Referrals
45. Treat your hostess like a queen
46. Keep your customers informed
47. Call your customers when something new comes out; it will make a lasting impression
48. Hold a Hostess Appreciation Day
49. Organize a stamp camp
50. Organize a card swap for customers
51. Send thank-you notes
52. Send thanks for the great order to super customers
53. Give out little gifts at the workshop with your name and number to help people to
remember you.
54. Be proud of what you do
55. Be passionate about Stampin' Up! products
56. Leave a thank-you note on the hostess's refrigerator with a magnet business card
57. Show off your career photo album
58. When you learn a few new techniques, call you best customer's - a guaranteed booking!
59. Encourage catalog parties
60. Give each customer more than one card; ask them to give them to anyone interested
in rubber stamps
61. Host a mystery party where 1 of your customers wins the hostess benefits
62. Send a customer newsletter
63. Use Stampin' Up!'s monthly special to keep in contact with buying customers
64. Leave old catalogs in doctors' waiting rooms
65. Set up a catalog party in a teacher lounge
66. Wear a stamped pin; hand out directions
67. Make sure your name & number are on everything that leaves a workshop
68. Give a business card to everyone at every workshop
69. Be tactful & not pushy
70. Stamp wrapping paper and gift bags
71. Loan out your portfolio; people will realize that they can't live without one
72. Lend your training video to possible recruits
73. Buy a padded portfolio for your spouse to use at his or her job or meetings
74. Use those Stampin' Up! logo items
75. Get Stampin' Up! denim hats for the whole team
76. Use door prize slips at your workshops
77. Follow up immediately on those door prize slips
78. Advertise locally on tv and newspapers following the guidelines in the manual
79. Give out coupons for specials during slow times
80. Create a punch card to encourage increased sales
81. Everyone needs a return address stamp - even if they aren't stampers
82. Put an ad in the program that is handed out at high school sports events
83. Teach a Girl Scout troop how to stamp; invite the moms
84. Show off you're your Stampin' Memories albums
85. Leave demonstrator labels with your hostess to attach to stamp sets
86. Host a business opportunity night
87. Promote stamping as a great family night
88. Use the Bugs & Slugs set with a Boy Scout troop
89. Show off your stamped samples everywhere you go
90. Stamp "Just Moved" postcards for new neighbors
91. Stamp Baby Announcements as a gift instead of clothes
92. Stamp note pads to give out
93. Drill a hole through a booking stamp; attach it to a key chain
94. Wear you Convention charm bracelet to generate interest
95. Stamp and make take home placemats for a child's birthday party
96. Be Positive
97. Be Passionate
98. Be Approachable
99. S.H.A.R.E
100. Love what you do; share what you love

If you have something you think would help me and others with our business and want to share, please feel free to e-mail me and share..

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Another Name Frame

I did this one for a last minute birthday party we went to my a friend at my hubby's work. Frame came from Wal-Mart for 3.00.

Stamp sets: Letterpress Alphabet, Word by Word, Curvy Verses, Expressive Flexible Phrases, Everday Flexible Phrases, Too Terrific Tags.

Misc: Hodgepodge Hardware.

These frames make great presents.


Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Baby 6x6 Swap time

Hello Ladies,

Here is a design I did for my Baby Swap last year, I think its about time for a new baby swap.

Stamps used: It's about time, Curvy Verses, Print Pattern, Everyday Celebrations, Terrific Tag Punch Box, and Baby Talk.

If you might be interested in doing a baby swap, contact me for details.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Mini Paperbag Gift Card Holder

Hello Ladies,
I made a bunch of these for Christmas and other things. They make not only the gift card a present but the little card it comes in too. I enjoy making these and doing them in so many designs. I just got my new spring stamps and wanted to use this set. I had seen a lady that did a similar card using this set and love it, so I had to case it. I am going to a local Stampin’ Up gathering soon. We all need to do a swap to share and also to share one of our ideas, this is going to be my idea. The top picture is the outside and the bottom is the inside, with a little pull out so you can sign it.
I got the mini bags at Michaels in packs of 16.
Stamp sets: Fancy flexible phrases, Bundle of Joy, That’s Nice.
Punches: Round Tab punch, spiral punch.
Hope you enjoy this.
Have a nice day.

Monday, March 5, 2007

My Name Frame

Good Morning Ladies,
I've been cleaning house and decided to take a break and post.
I did this sign a while back, but I wanted to share. I've done many of these as gifts. There easy, and look expensive. Makes someone really thing you spent alot on them....shhh don't tell
Stamps used: Mon Ami, Loving Heart, Simple Sketches, Everyday Flexible Phrases, Letterpress Alphabet, Wonderful Words II, Expressive Flexible Phrases, and Too Terrific Tags.

Ohh well, back to cleaning. Have a lovely day.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

First Faux Post Swap has Arrived!

Hello Ladies,
I got my first faux postage in and it's lovely. Thanks Chris. Chris has done swaps with me before and always does just the best work. Here is yet another example.
Stamp sets: french script, doodle that, mini mates.
Card stock: yoyo yellow, regal rose, certainly celery and whisper white.
Ink: yoyo yellow, certainly celery, basic black.
misc: spiral punch, 1 1/4" circle punch, 1 3/8" circle punch, maize, celery & rose grosgrain ribbon, paper clip, dimensionals, "stamp" decorative scissors.
Chris, thanks for doing such a great card and joining another one of my swaps.

Ladies, I still have room in my Faux Postage Swap. Postmark is March 22nd.
contact me directly for details.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Good deal on Band-aid Tins.

Band-aid tins at Wal-mart

Hello Ladies.
I have been looking for metal band-aid tins and figured I was just gonna have to order them from provo or another such site. I was in wal-mart last week and found these near the check-out.
They are .97 cents each. I bought a bunch to play with.
So not only do you save on the cost of the tins, shipping and waiting for them to arrive, you get gum too….lol
Just wanted to share . I will keep you posted what I do with them.

Ladies, before I get bashed for shopping at wal-mart(again!) for posting this, I live in a small town and do not have many choices of shopping. The nearest Target, k-mart, circuit city, or any other major shopping is over 20 miles away. I'm also sure you can get these tins at other stores, I just do not have access to one, on a daily, or sometimes weekly basis.