Thursday, March 1, 2007

Good deal on Band-aid Tins.

Band-aid tins at Wal-mart

Hello Ladies.
I have been looking for metal band-aid tins and figured I was just gonna have to order them from provo or another such site. I was in wal-mart last week and found these near the check-out.
They are .97 cents each. I bought a bunch to play with.
So not only do you save on the cost of the tins, shipping and waiting for them to arrive, you get gum too….lol
Just wanted to share . I will keep you posted what I do with them.

Ladies, before I get bashed for shopping at wal-mart(again!) for posting this, I live in a small town and do not have many choices of shopping. The nearest Target, k-mart, circuit city, or any other major shopping is over 20 miles away. I'm also sure you can get these tins at other stores, I just do not have access to one, on a daily, or sometimes weekly basis.

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