Thursday, March 15, 2007

Lets Get Fit Together Swap

I just joined Curves and looking to get fit and lose some weight.
This swap is to help others do the same. I recently posted on some yahoo groups, that I was looking for ideas for ladies trying to lose weight. I meant craft things to make, but I didn’t get my point across and instead, I got ladies sharing their personal secrets on what helped them to lose some weight, which leads me to this Swap. I got a lot of great ideas from ladies and figured this would be a great thing to do and make a swap out of.

This swap will have two different groups:

1. Recipes
This group is for your favorite diet recipe.
This can also be taking a great recipe and showing how to
Alter it to make it healthier.

2. Ideas & Things that helped You
This group is any ideas or things that you found helped you to reach your goal. You can put as many things on the card you can fit and care to share with others. Things like what helped you or not, websites, TV programs, etc.

This swap is a 10+2(yes 2) I will be doing a drawing for this set at my local Curves to motivate other ladies.

I will also have a group of ladies judge your work and will award the best card a Gift Set. This is a gift set that I’ve
made. It will include a Gift box (to hold your cards), a nugget box (sugar-free or low calorie nuggets), post-it note holder, mini composition book, a pen, and a candle. There is a picture of the gift set on my blog (minus the candle and pen)I gave them away to a friend who wanted them, so I have to make those two things again.

Count: 10+2(12 total)
Size: Card Front size, you can print either way, long ways or short ways.
Recipes: YES!! But do not attach them!! Make sure you have your e-mail address on them (that is how I will tell you that you won).
Current SU Products: If SU doesn’t have it, you can use it from other sources, like, paperclips, and such.
Printing: You can handwrite your stuff on your card, if you have good handwriting (remember these will be judged). Or you can print them on the printer. If you do not have the font disc, I will not hold you to that. You can use any font, to print your card.

Mailing: NO RETURN METERED STRIPS. My PO will not take them, If you want returned priority, I will provide the box, just make sure you have the return postage.
Whatever the package costs for you to send to me, make sure you have that much plus two extra stamps incase I need them(I will return them if not used)

Any questions please feel free to e-mail me or to sign up for this swap. Let me know which group you want to do

Sign Up by March 29th, and to be postmarked by April 2nd. I will be swapping out April 10th and announcing the winner on that day too.
Here is a website, that one lady told me about, if you decide to subscribe, please list me as the one who told you about it...
I used the e-mail address to sign up...
thanks and hope you decide to join my swap

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