Friday, March 9, 2007

100 Ways to Grow Your Business

Hello Ladies, I got this a while ago and don't remember where. I just felt this might have some of you with your business. I printed out the list and look over it often, I also keep a copy of it in my purse and take it out and read it when I have a spare moment, it helps me to remember and refresh my memory. Hope this can help you too...

100 Ways to grow your Business
Plant the seeds of Success

1. Stamp EVERYTHING that goes out of your house
2. Talk about stamping every chance you get
3. Have your name and number on everything
4. Make your first impression count
5. Stamp on a basket or purse
6. Wear a logo T-Shirt
7. Carry a logo key chain
8. Make a key chain with mini samples
9. Plantable cards: Give out seed packets with your information
10. Make cocoa or tea cello bags with toppers
11. Put your name-and-number sticker on pens
12. Stamp your checks
13. Stamp checkbook cover
14. Stamp door hangers & hang them around the neighborhood
15. Sign up to teach community stamp classes
16. Rent a booth at a craft fair
17. Hand out bookmarks & flyers
18. Advertise in the classified
19. Rent a clubhouse and advertise a free stamp class
20. Have an open house - invite everyone you have ever met
21. Put flyers on bulletin boards around town
22. Program your answering machine to say, "Hi, you've reached ____________, a
Stampin' Up! Demonstrator
23. Stamp a shirt for every day of the week
24. Buy business cards in groups of 1000 -throw a party when you have given them all
25. Always have a business card
26. Leave a card when you give a tip
27. Leave a card when you check in at the doctor's office
28. Anytime anyone notices your stamping, give him or her a card
29. Always have a recruit pack
30. Always have a catalog with you
31. Tell new people you meet about your neat job
32. Wear an "Ask me about Stampin' Up! " pin
33. Volunteer to help stamp cards for Teacher's Appreciation Day at school
34. Volunteer to teach kids how to stamp for art classes
35. Stamp Halloween bags
36. Stamp and fill cello bags
37. Stamp in the playland at McDonald's
38. Stamp at the park
39. Stamp at the pool
40. If you are stamping in public and people show interest, hand them a stamp, scissors &
41. Stamp kid's folders, book covers & notebooks
42. Give stamps as presents for both young & old
43. Give Great Customer Service!
44. Satisfied customers = Referrals
45. Treat your hostess like a queen
46. Keep your customers informed
47. Call your customers when something new comes out; it will make a lasting impression
48. Hold a Hostess Appreciation Day
49. Organize a stamp camp
50. Organize a card swap for customers
51. Send thank-you notes
52. Send thanks for the great order to super customers
53. Give out little gifts at the workshop with your name and number to help people to
remember you.
54. Be proud of what you do
55. Be passionate about Stampin' Up! products
56. Leave a thank-you note on the hostess's refrigerator with a magnet business card
57. Show off your career photo album
58. When you learn a few new techniques, call you best customer's - a guaranteed booking!
59. Encourage catalog parties
60. Give each customer more than one card; ask them to give them to anyone interested
in rubber stamps
61. Host a mystery party where 1 of your customers wins the hostess benefits
62. Send a customer newsletter
63. Use Stampin' Up!'s monthly special to keep in contact with buying customers
64. Leave old catalogs in doctors' waiting rooms
65. Set up a catalog party in a teacher lounge
66. Wear a stamped pin; hand out directions
67. Make sure your name & number are on everything that leaves a workshop
68. Give a business card to everyone at every workshop
69. Be tactful & not pushy
70. Stamp wrapping paper and gift bags
71. Loan out your portfolio; people will realize that they can't live without one
72. Lend your training video to possible recruits
73. Buy a padded portfolio for your spouse to use at his or her job or meetings
74. Use those Stampin' Up! logo items
75. Get Stampin' Up! denim hats for the whole team
76. Use door prize slips at your workshops
77. Follow up immediately on those door prize slips
78. Advertise locally on tv and newspapers following the guidelines in the manual
79. Give out coupons for specials during slow times
80. Create a punch card to encourage increased sales
81. Everyone needs a return address stamp - even if they aren't stampers
82. Put an ad in the program that is handed out at high school sports events
83. Teach a Girl Scout troop how to stamp; invite the moms
84. Show off you're your Stampin' Memories albums
85. Leave demonstrator labels with your hostess to attach to stamp sets
86. Host a business opportunity night
87. Promote stamping as a great family night
88. Use the Bugs & Slugs set with a Boy Scout troop
89. Show off your stamped samples everywhere you go
90. Stamp "Just Moved" postcards for new neighbors
91. Stamp Baby Announcements as a gift instead of clothes
92. Stamp note pads to give out
93. Drill a hole through a booking stamp; attach it to a key chain
94. Wear you Convention charm bracelet to generate interest
95. Stamp and make take home placemats for a child's birthday party
96. Be Positive
97. Be Passionate
98. Be Approachable
99. S.H.A.R.E
100. Love what you do; share what you love

If you have something you think would help me and others with our business and want to share, please feel free to e-mail me and share..

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wow i love it, i can use all of your ideas thanks for sharing