Monday, March 26, 2007

Glass Block

Hello Ladies,

Here are the directions for a glass block I did for Valentines Day. I did many for Christmas but didn't take any pictures of them(wish I had).

Here are the directions, Hope you do one soon, love to see it.

I used Pittsburgh Corning Glass Blocks (8"x8"x3") from Lowes. Drilled a hole with the drill press using a Diamond Rimmed Core Bit. The drilling took about 1 minute per block. Used one hand to spray the water and the other to pull down the press. I used my Parents drill press in NJ and prefer to use that, but I have used a hand drill. Hand drill takes longer, and uses two people to do it.
After cleaning and drying the blocks...
1. Cut the paper you want to use to 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" . Decorate how you want to.
2. Cut a piece of O'So Sticky Tape to 6" x 6".
3. Use a small amount of hermafix, or mono, or double sided tape to center the paper on the glass block.
4. Peel a little of the back down of O'So Sticky Tape and put it 1/4" over the top of the paper. Press down firmly. Pull the rest of the back of O'So sticky tape down a little at a time, pressing down as you go, until the paper is completely covered.
5. Roll brayer over the top to make sure the O'So Sticky Tape is secured around all edges.
6. Peel off the top of the O'So Sticky Tape.
7. Pour clear microbeads all over the O'So Sticky Tape.
8. Roll brayer over the top to really seat the beads. Gently brush off extra beads.
9. Put lights into the block, leaving the plug end hanging out. Put a small piece of O'So Sticky Tape on the cord to attach it to the block. Don't peel off red liner. (I used a 50 light string set.)
10. Wrap ribbon around block and secure on top with hot glue or more O'So Sticky Tape.
11. Cut a length of ribbon to make the bow. Hot glue finished bow on top of block.

I got the sticky tape from and I also got my microbeads from there. They have colored one and different size ones.
Have a lovely day,

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