Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Round Tab Punch Part III

Hello Ladies,
Here is a chart of Ideas from a lady name Judi(thanks Judi for sharing). Enjoy!
    Make tabs (using SU color cardstock) for cardstock file folder tabs. These could be stapled on the folder.

    Make catalog section tabs from color cardstock for your customers.

    Make a fun business card by creating a Rolodex business card with a tab.

    Make dividers for lunch box tins.

    Use your extra set of catalog tabs (SU sent a while back) and place them over punched cardstock. Add snail adhesive to the back side of the tabs and attach to catalog.

    Make magnetic cookbook page tabs. Put a small magnet on the bottom of the tab to reuse them, like the book markers Make labels such as 'dinner idea', 'family favorite', 'snack idea', etc. Tab your favorite recipes or ones you would like to try!

    Make alphabetical tabs for address books using designer paper. Use the tab punch to make each letter tab. Stamp the letter on the tab using one of the SU alphabet sets.

    Create interactive scrapbook tabs – use punch to make pull / open tabs.

    Make sticker tabs from a full sheet sticker labels (the ones that don't have any labels cut out of them--just a full sheet of sticker) or run a sheet of paper through a Xyron.

    Use up your stash of scraps from cardstock and designer papers. Make a bunch of punched tabs, put ten of them in a cello bag, make a topper and give them as little door prizes.

    Make small & large brackets by punching once through your cardstock using the side of the punch. Then punch again in the same spot moving the punch over slightly. You can make the brackets as thick as you'd like them depending on how far over you move the punch each time. This makes a longer bracket than what I used on my card. I trimmed the ends off so it would be shorter. The longer bracket would be great for larger letters or sayings.

    Create scalloped edges. Use the very top of the punch - the round part only. Looking at the back, metal side of the punch, insert the paper only up to where the rounded part stops & the straight part of the tab starts (about 5/16") and punch. Move it over and punch again. It's just like the slit punch in a way.

    Make removable tabs using 2-way glue Item 100425. Let glue dry before sticking the pieces together. These could be used by customers to mark pages in a catalog.

    Create design elements by using tabs on scrapbook pages and cards.

    Put thin magnets inside the tabs used at workshops to mark pages that customers are interested in items. Use them yourself to mark pages temporarily with the sets used in projects, etc. Use them as a booking incentive.

    Laminate tabs with mac-tac or contact paper. Or if you have a Xyron, use that.


Gina Wrona said...

Thanks for sharing so much info. Can always use new ideas for new products.

Mel M. M. M. said...

Fantastic ideas! Thanks so much for sharing them! :0)