Friday, February 23, 2007

The 12 Steps of Stampers Anonymous

I saw this posted a while back and saved it cause I got a good laugh from it. I'm sorry I don't know who to give credit to, but I really thought it would be cute to share.

#1-Admit you're addicted to ink, glitter and rubber
#2-Heat guns are part of your life routinely
#3 You approach your mailbox daily praying to find something (anything) from SU! and nothing from the credit card company!
#4 You hope to grab your UPS packages before anyone in your family knows you have ordered more SU! Stuff
#5 you check your email twice an hour while at work-looking for any stamp related items!!
#6 Your cat wears glitter and your husband takes 3 days to notice-(this could be child too, not just cat)
#7 swap preparation takes priority over dinner, laundry, sex.... (uh oh!)
#8 you have a cling-on SU! sticker in your car window :)
#9 Whenever you wear a material with a print on it, someone at work asks facetiously-"Did you stamp that" even though it's obvious you didn't
#10 You walk aimlessly up and down store aisles, trying to think of new surfaces and techniques for your next workshop and meeting demo-something that will WOW them all!!
#11 Your relatives and friends know that a visit to your home always includes a stop in your "home office" so you can show off your "wares" -- AGAIN!
#12 Anticipation of the new catalog compares to waiting to know the sex of your unborn child!!!!

Hope you enjoy this.

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Faye Mitchell said...

I love this post. I am going to repost it on my blog too. So many of them are so true. LOL.
Thanks for the laugh. Faye