Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hello All,

My name is Deb, I am a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.. I joined in August of 2005.
I live with my Hubby (Kevin) and two lovely kittens(Tux & Dc).

I am new to blogs and this is my first one. I've seen many ladies blogs and decided that I needed one too. I will be posting some pictures and directions of older stuff I did.. I think all will enjoy some of the past projects I've done..

In the fall of 2005, right after I became a SU Demo, I went to regionals in South Carolina. SU has many events like regionals where many ladies gather from all over and learn valuable business tips and new stamping techniques from Stampin' Up! staff. I had a great time! I didn't know anyone, but it didn't matter, everyone was so friendly and helpful. This coming April there is another regional event in Virginia Beach, Va and I am going.

For SC Regionals, I created many cards, 6x6 scrapbook pages, ATC(alternative trading cards). I swapped out all what I did and so many loved my ideas. I was so happy that others actually liked what I made.

I also made some pins. Here is a picture of them. I was very happy with the way they turned out. The stamp set is called "travel time" it is retired now, but a very cute stamp set.

Directions for making pins:

1. Stamp the image 3 times on white cardstock. Take the best image and color it. I used markers.

2. Cut out all the images out as a square and the same size.

3. Layer the images with the colored one on top. Turn over the top one and smear tacky glue onto the back of the image, then adhere to the second image. Smear tacky glue onto the back of the 2nd image and adhere to the 3rd image.

4. Cut out the image while the tacky glue is still wet(all 3 layers are glued together as one for cutting).

5. While the image is still wet, from the pin, and let it dry.

6. Use a marker(I used black) to color the edges.

7. Spray your pin 7 to 8 layers of Krylon Triple Thick Crystal Clear Glaze(until you get the shine you want). Let dry a little between coats. Let it dry completely and spray the back as well.

8. When dry attach pin or magnet.

Here are two of the swaps that I made to take to regionals. I used Cool Cat Stamp Set. I love that set, it reminds me of my little girl kitten.

I used Cool Cat, Haute Couture(retired), Fashion Statement(retired), I like your style(retired), A little Love, and Houndstooth stamp sets.

Well Ladies & Gents I think I am gonna post this entry and hope all that read it, enjoy it.

Happy Valentines Day

take care, Deb

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Debi said...

Hey Deb! I was happy to have stumbled across your blog thru your StampBus post! I noticed that you live in Charlestown, WV. You're not far from me - I'm in Hagerstown, MD! I've added your blog to my favs and look forward to checking in!

Happy Stampin!
Debi Calandrelle