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Why to buy Craft Spots

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I just felt this was something good to share and that more ladies should read it.

Why to buy craft spots - by Trish

1. Stamp with them. Craft spots are the same as pigment ink. A wetter ink than dye(Classic) ink.

2. Stamp in your scrapbook. Dye ink fades over time. Pigment ink is considered more permanent and will fade less over time. Craft spots are acid free!

3. For Wet embossing... all you need is clear embossing and you have 48 colors of embossing with the full set of spots.

4. Spots transport better for stamping on the go. Are small and come in their own box.

5. Spots take up less storage space.

6. Spots actually can be less mess for the ones of us that are all inky fingers.

7. Spots are great for special techniques like direct to paper.

8. Spots allow you try craft ink without a big money commitment especially on sale.

9. Spots can be reinked just like a full size pad

10. Spots allow you to multicolor background stamps a technique that is difficult to impossible with full size pads (I know I tried after I saw this at convention.

11. Spots are the perfect size for alphabet stamps (a great scrapbooker tool)

12. I would assert from personal experience that a spot can do just about anything a full size pad. The spots I have already purchased I have been very happy with.

Disadvantages of Spots.

1. Less surface for inking means more time with inking stamps.
2. Spots need to be reinked sooner than pads.
3. Some people are messier with spots than pads.(have seen this from others.)
4. Spots can leak if not stored properly
5. Have heard a few complaints that spots are juicy enough..but do not know this from any personal experience.
6. For heavy use pads are probably more durable for daily use.
7. If spots are stored away from work area you probably won't use them.
8. If you fall in love with craft ink you will most likely desire to upgrade to full pads.

Remember these are my that what it may. I really wanted to get myself a set and debating this purchase.

For demos it might be a great hostess reward to buy a set this cheaply and break it up as little gifts with an incentive stamp for bookings or great workshops.


I would like to add to this, besides all the above information, my idea, is you can take all your stamps to a crop and they will not take up much room. I think the spots are great for crops.
Have a nice day and thanks for reading my blog.

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Theresa said...

I agree that Craft Spots are a good investment... my top 3 reasons are:

- they are easy to transport
- you can use them to "sponge" different colors on your stamps and make direct-to-paper techniques
- they have richer, long-lasting color