Sunday, November 30, 2008

Win some Blog Candy & see my Last Swap

Hello Ladies,
I just finished a Christmas Card Swap and loved all the cards that I got. I can not decide on one favorite. I would love to hear what card you think is the best.

I will award blog candy not only to one random comment winner, but I will also award some blog candy to the owner of the card that gets the most votes. Not sure what I will do for blog candy, but am sure it will at LEAST include something handmade by me, a retired SU Stamp set and your favorite chocolate. If you dont like chocolate, tell me what is your favorite goodie.

Only rule is ladies you can not vote for your own card.
You can forward this to all your friends and family and get them to vote for you.

On your comment, you need to: for the card you like the best.
2. tell me your favorite kinda chocolate or goodie that you would like if you win.

Ladies thanks for looking at my blog and I do have a new swap open for Chirstmas Cards. This swap is for retired or current SU stamp sets.. Let me know if you want to join that. Contact me via my e-mail

Blog candy will be picked next Sunday Dec 7th


Ladies, to chose a card, if you click on the card, they all have numbers, please give me that number. Also if you do not have a blog, please leave a way I can contact you if you are the winner. Thanks Deb


Lisa Graves said...

They are all very pretty, however I think #85 is my favorite.

Barb S. said...

I absolutely love number 14. The one with the purple angel. The color is so rich and regal. As for chocolate I love anything caramel filled. Love your blog by the way!!!!!

Kelly said...

My favorite card is the purple and gold angel - it's so elegant. My favorite chocolate is sugar-free Reese's peanut butter cups. :)

Thanks for the chance to win blog candy!


Jen Stewart said...

Well I want to win the blog candy so I think MY cards are the best! HA! HA! I wish! Actually I hate to say I don't think either one of my cards are the best so I'll have to vote for #14 - I LOVE her details!
It's a hard desision because everyone did a great job!
My favorite Chocolate is definatly a Caramello - LOVE Carmal filled chocolate :)
Thanks so much for hosting a GREAT Swap! I really love the ones I got back :)

Learnin' to STAMP IT UP said...

I love #125 with the snowmen. My mom loves snowmen, and since she moved away, I love anything that reminds me of her :) My favorite candy is almond joys... cause sometimes I feel like a nut :)
Happy Holidays!
Cheri Russo in NY

Learnin' to STAMP IT UP said...

I love card #125, the snowmen. Since my mom moved away 4 years ago, anything that reminds me of her makes me happy, and her house is full of snowmen.
Candy... my favorite is Almond Joys, because sometimes I feel like a nut :)
Happy Holidays,
Cheri Russo in NY

Kassiah said...

Hmmm I really like 43, but number 78 is my vote! So elegant and beautiful. Plus that envelope--awesome! My favorite candy is dove milk chocolate. Thanks, I love your blog!

Lea Kimmel said...

Okay, #85, the purple and gold angel is my favorite traditional card but I also love #105 for a fun, cutesy kind of card. Great cards from all the ladies! Oh, and I love anything chocolate!

Ramblin Rose said...

I had to watch the slide show a couple times and still had trouble making a decision. They are all great but I think # 85 is exceptional. I like low sugar or no sugar chocolate.

Ramblin Rose

Connie Gage said...

wow all the cards are so nice, but I love the cardinal one so I vote for that one. My favorite choc is anything choc that is surgar free....I posted once but not sure where that one went to. haha. Thanks.....was wonderful to see all those cards.

Connie Gage,

Anonymous said...

Nice cards, however my favorite is #14/32 or #085 -- the purple angle from the Holy Triptych stamp set. The coloring and shading is just gorgeous! My favorite chocolate are the truffles from Lindt chocolate maker.

Judy Jackson
judystamper at verizon dot net

Robin Brown said...

It isso hard to choose, they are all wonderful and I love how the envelopes match so nicely. Since Ineed one card though I have to say the purple angel card was my favorite. I love angels and I love purple so why would I not love the card. MY favorie chocolate ( I'm easy) is milk chocolate. I love a plain ole Hershey bar anyday. My hubby buys me fancy shmancy chocolates for our anniversaries, ect but they are still not as wonderful as my hersheys is and my hubby has also gotten me dark chocolate knowing I don't like it much so that I would give it to him to eat, lol. Weird Man, lol..

Hugs, Robin B. in NY

Keri in MI said...

Hey Deb,
Great swap cards. Definetly #85 is my favorite for it's true meaning of Christmas and beautiful elegance. I like them all though! Only Dove Dark Chocolate is for me!
Thanks for sharing all these creative Christmas cards.

jmniffer said...

I liked several of these cards but #97 was my favorite. Makes me want to buy that set! I like milk chocolate with caramel/nuts...most all chocolate really. LOL! jmniffer

Carolyn said...

I love the Holy Tryptic Angel #85, so beautiful. It was really hard to chose, though.

thanks for sharing

I love dark chocolate.

carolyn sharkas

ceashark at aol dot com

Erica said...

039 is my favorite :) As for chocolate...I love any and ALL chocolate LOL :) Great blog!

Anonymous said...

#082!! --- and ANY chocolate is my favorite! I enjoyed these swaps and there are some nice ideas! Brenda Tapp

Anonymous said...

They are cute cards. I like #80 the best. One of my favorite types of candy would be chocolate covered pretzels.
Cindy S.

Beth Redding said...

Wow! There were some wonderful cards, but I finally got it down to #085 as my absolute favorite!
My favorite chocolate Dark Chocolate enrobed Peppermint Patties (York is ok, but, to me, Pearson is the best - lol)

Anonymous said...

Definitely the purple angel! I love the Holy Tryptich set. Those are awesome colors. It is so Royal looking. Favorite chocolate is Peppermint Patty. No I didn't think mine were the best either.

Bethany Keeney

Janet said...

Wow, beautiful cards. It was hard to choose just one. My favorite card is #85.
Dark chocolate is my favorite.

Heather Raychstock said...

It's a toss up between 75 and 116. I love the set lovely as a tree anyhow but really like it in silver and I also love the snowflake die and would have never thought to layer it on itself like that.

Anonymous said...

My favorite card would have to be #085, the angel from Holy Triptych, the gold & plum(?) colors are gorgeous! I love Dove chocolate!

Lauren Y. said...

If i can only choose one...
#080 is my favorite for it's unique fold & great design.
I don't really like chocolate, I know, I am strange.....

Mary Campbell said...

Great swap! I especially love #97. The cardinal is my favorite stamp this year. My favorite chocolate is turtles.

Heather A said...

My favorite is #093 Loads of Love.
Honorable mention goes to #105 Merry & Bright and #075 silver Lovely as a Tree.
But it was hard to choose. Everyone who participated in this swap did such a great job.
Thanks ladies for the great ideas!
My favorite chocolate is dark chocolate Mounds - mmmm!